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2 Tuscola County schools receive MI HEARTSafe School designation

Craig Routzahn

Thu, 12 Oct 2017 10:24:07 EDT


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     The Michigan Departments of Health and Human Services, and Education; along with the American Heart Association, Michigan High School Athletic Association and Michigan Alliance for Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young on Thursday awarded 125 schools in Michigan with the "MI HEARTSafe School" designation which recognizes schools that are prepared to respond to cardiac emergencies. Two schools in the Thumb were among those received the designation, they are Cass City Elementary and Cass City Junior-Senior High School in Tuscola County. To receive the designation the schools have to do a number of things including at least one cardiac emergency response drill per year along with having a written medical emergency response plan and team. At least 10 percent of staff, and 50 percent of coaches including 100 percent of head varsity coaches and 100 percent of P.E. staff must have current CPR/AED certification. A complete list of the schools statewide who received the designation can be found below.

Congratulations to the following schools for achieving a MI HEARTSafe designation!!
The schools are listed below

Allegan County
Baker Elementary (2016-2019)
Dorr Elementary (2016-2019)
Fennville Elementary (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Fennville Middle School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Fennville High School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Holland Christian High School (2016-2019)
Pine Street Elementary (2016-2019)
Plainwell High School (2014-2017)
Pullman Elementary School (2014-2017)
Saugatuck Middle/High School (2015-2018)
Steeby Elementary (2016-2019)
Wayland Union Middle School (2016-2019)
Wayland Union High School (2016-2019)

Berrien County
Benton Harbor Charter School Academy (2015-2018)
Blossomland Learning Center (2015-2018)

Branch County
Union City High School (2016-2019)
Waldron Center (2013-2016) (2016-2019)

Calhoun County
Battle Creek Montessori Academy (2015-2018)
Homer High School (2015-2018)
Homer Middle School (2015-2018)
Kellogg Elementary and W.K.Kellogg (2015-2018)
Lillian Fletcher Elementary (2015-2018)
Post-Franklin Elementary (2016-2019)
Wattles Park Elementary (2016-2019)

Cass County
LCISD Brookside Learning (2014-2017)
LCISD North Pointe Center (2014-2017)
Marcellus Elementary School (2015-2018)
Marcellus Middle/High School (2015-2018)
Union High School (2013-2016)

Charlevoix County
Charlevoix Elementary School (2015-2018)
St. Mary School (2014-2017)

Chippewa County
Joseph K Lumsden Bahweting Anishnabe PSA (2016-2019)
Lincoln Elementary (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Malcolm High School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Rudyard Elementary School (2013-2016)
Rudyard High/Middle School (2013-2016)
Sault Area Middle School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Sault Area High School and Career Center (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Soo Township Elementary (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Washington Elementary (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Whitefish Township Community Schools (2016-2019)

Clare County
Clare High School (2016-2019)

Clinton County
East Olive Elementary School (2015-2018)
Eureka Elementary School (2014-2017)
Gateway North Elementary School (2014-2017)
Oakview South Elementary School (2015-2018)
Riley Elementary School (2014-2017)
St. Johns High School (2014-2017)
St. Johns Middle School (2014-2017)
Strive Academy (2015-2018)
Wacousta Elementary (2016-2019)

Delta County
Bark River-Harris High School (2016-2019)

Dickinson County
North Dickinson County Schools (2014-2017)

Eaton County
Delta Center Elementary School (2014-2017)
Meadowview School (2015-2018)
Neff Kindergarten Center (2016-2019)
Willow Ridge Elementary (2016-2019)

Genesee County
Argentine Elementary/Early Childhood Center (2013-2016)
Atherton Junior High and High School (2014-2017)
Atlantis Alternative High School (2014-2017)
Bentley Middle School (2015-2018)
Bentley High School (2015-2018)
Carman-Ainsworth Middle School (2014-2017)
Carman-Ainsworth High School (2014-2017)
Carman Park-Baker Career Academy (2014-2017)
Carter Elementary School (2015-2018)
Central Elementary School (2014-2017)
Central Elementary School (2014-2017)
Central Elementary School (2013-2016)
Davison Alternative Education (2014-2017)
Davison Middle School (2014-2017)
Davison High School (2014-2017)
Dillon Elementary School (2014-2017)
Dye Elementary School (2014-2017)
Early Childhood Center (2014-2017)
Elmer Knopf Learning Center (2015-2018)
Elms Elementary School (2014-2017)
Flushing Middle School (2014-2017)
Flushing High School (2014-2017)
Gates Elementary School (2014-2017)
Goodrich High School (2015-2018)
Hahn Intermediate School (2014-2017)
Hill Elementary School (2014-2017)
Hill McCloy High School (2015-2018)
Hyatt Elementary (2013-2016)
Lakeville Memorial High School (2015-2018)
Linden Elementary (2013-2016)
Linden Middle School (2013-2016)
Linden High School (2013-2016)
Kuehn-Haven Middle School (2015-2018)
Marion D. Crouse Instructional Center (2014-2017)
Randels Elementary School (2014-2017)
Rankin Elementary School (2014-2017)
Seymour Elementary School (2014-2017)
Siple Elementary School (2014-2017)
Springview Elementary School (2014-2017)
The Learning Community- Early Childhood Center (2014-2017)
Thomson Elementary School (2014-2017)

Gladwin County
Beaverton Junior/Senior High School (2015-2018)

Grand Traverse County
Traverse City Central High School (2013-2016)

Gratiot-Isabella County
Morey Montessori Public School Academy (2015-2018)

Hillsdale County
Emily B. Williams Elementary School (2015-2018)
Jonesville Middle School (2015-2018)
Jonesville High School (2015-2018)

Ingham County
Lansing Christian School (2016-2019)
Washington Woods Middle School (2016-2019)

Jackson County
Ezra Eby Elementary School (2014-2017)
Michigan Center Junior Senior High School (2015-2018)
Napoleon Ackerson Lake High School (2014-2017)
Napoleon High School (2014-2017)
Napoleon Middle School (2014-2017)
Northwest Early Elementary (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Northwest Education Center (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Northwest Elementary (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Northwest High School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Northwest Kidder Middle School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Northwest Operations Building (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
St. Mary Star of the Sea Elementary School(2016-2019)

Kalamazoo County
Administration Building and Gateway Academy (2015-2018)
Gull Lake Middle School (2015-2018)
Gull Lake High School (2015-2018)
Indian Lake Elementary (2016-2019)
Richland Elementary School (2015-2018)
Schoolcraft Early Elementary School (2014-2017)
Schoolcraft Elementary School (2014-2017)
Schoolcraft Middle School (2014-2017)
Schoolcraft High School (2014-2017)
Sumset Lake Elementary (2016-2019)
Thomas M Ryan Intermediate School (2015-2018)

Kent County
Alger Middle School (2015-2018)
Appleview Elementary (2015-2018)
Beach Elementary School (2014-2017)
Belmont Elementary School (2014-2017)
C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy (2016-2019)
Caledonia High School (2016-2019)
Cannonsburg Elementary School (2014-2017)
Cedar Springs Middle School (2014-2017)
Cedar Springs High School (2013-2016)
Cedar Trails Elementary School (2014-2017)
Cedar View Elementary School (2014-2017)
Comstock Park High School (2015-2018)
Crestwood Elementary School (2014-2017)
East Lee Campus (2014-2017)
East Rockford Middle School (2014-2017)
Godfrey Elementary School (2014-2017)
Grand Rapids University Preparatory Academy (2015-2018)
Innovation Central High School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Kent Career Technical Center (2013-2016)
Kent Transition Center (2013-2016)
Kent Vocational Options (2013-2016)
Lakes Elementary (2014-2017)
Lincoln Heights Elementary (2016-2019)
Lincoln School (2016-2019)
Martin Luther King Jr. Academy (2015-2018)
Meadow Ridge Elementary School (2014-2017)
Mulick Park Elementary (2015-2018)
New Beginnings High School (2014-2017)
New Branches Charter Academy (2015-2018)
North Rockford Middle School (2014-2017)
Parkside Elementary School (2014-2017)
Red Hawk Elementary School (2014-2017)
Ridgeview Elementary (2015-2018)
River Valley Academy (2014-2017)
Rockford High School (2014-2017)
Rockford High School- Freshman Center (2014-2017)
Roguewood Elementary and Spanish Immersion Sibley Elementary School (2015-2018)
Shawmut Hills School (2016-2019)
Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy (2016-2019)
Southwest Community Campus (2015-2018)
Sparta Middle School (2015-2018)
Sparta High School (2015-2018)
Stocking Elementary School (2015-2018)
The Early Childhood Center (2014-2017)
Union High School (2014-2017)
Valley View Elementary School (2014-2017)
West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science (2015-2018)
White Early Childhood Center (2015-2018)

Lapeer County
Education and Technology Center (2015-2018)

Lenawee County
Adrian High School (2014-2017)
Clinton High School (2016-2019)
McKinley Education Center (2014-2017)
Onsted Elementary School (2015-2018)
Onsted Middle School (2015-2018)
Onsted High School (2015-2018)

Macomb County
Adlai E. Stevenson High School (2015-2018)
Algonquin Middle School (2016-2019)
Armada High School (2016-2019)
Burr Elementary School (2014-2017)
Chippewa Valley High School 10-12 (2015-2018)
Dakota High School Ninth Grade Center (2015-2018)
DeLaSalle Collegiate High School (2015-2018)
Henry Ford II High School (2015-2018)
Lutz School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Macomb Montessori Academy (2016-2019)
Richmond High School (2014-2017)
Rockwell Middle School (2014-2017)
Warren Mott High School (2016-2019)
Warren Woods Tower High School (2015-2018)

Marquette County
Lakeview Elementary School (2016-2019)
Negaunee Middle School (2016-2019)
Negaunee High School (2016-2019)

Monroe County
Bedford Junior High School (2014-2017)
Bedford High School (2014-2017)
Douglas Road Elementary (2016-2019)
Jackman Road Elementary School (2014-2017)
Monroe Road Elementary (2016-2019)

Montcalm County
Baldwin Heights Elementary (2016-2019)
Cedar Crest Elementary (2016-2019)
Walnut Hills Elementary (2016-2019)

Muskegon County
Montague Area Childhood Center (2016-2019)
Montague High School (2016-2019)
Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change (2015-2018)
Nellie B. Chisholm Middle School (2016-2019)
North Muskegon Public Schools (2015-2018)
R.R. Oehrli Elementary (2016-2019)
Three Oaks Public School Academy (2015-2018)

Oakland County
ACE High School (2016-2019)
Athens High School (2016-2019)
Baker Middle School (2016-2019)
Baldwin Elementary School (2016-2019)
Barnard Elementary School (2016-2019)
Bemis Elementary School (2016-2019)
Boulan Park Middle School (2016-2019)
Bradford Academy (2015-2018)
Brewster Elementary School (2016-2019)
Brooklands Elementary School (2016-2019)
Costello Elementary School (2016-2019)
Delta Kelly Elementary School (2016-2019)
Detroit Catholic Central High School (2016-2019)
Four Corners Montessori Academy (2015-2018)
Ernest W. Seaholm High School (2016-2019)
Hamilton Elementary School (2016-2019)
Hamlin Elementary (2016-2019)
Hampton Elementary School (2016-2019)
Hart Middle School (2016-2019)
Hill Elementary School (2016-2019)
Hugger Elementary School (2016-2019)
International Academy East & Troy Center for Transition (2016-2019)
Jean and Samuel Frankel Jewish Academy (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Keller Elementary (2016-2019)
Lake Orion High School (2015-2018)
Larson Middle School (2016-2019)
Leonard Elementary School (2016-2019)
Long Meadow Elementary School (2016-2019)
Martell Elementary School (2016-2019)
McGregor Elementary School (2016-2019)
Meadow Brook Elementary (2016-2019)
Milford High School (2015-2018)
Morse Elementary School (2016-2019)
Musson Elementary School (2016-2019)
North Hill Elementary School (2016-2019)
Notre Dame Marist Academy (2015-2018)
Notre Dame Preparatory School (2015-2018)
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs (2015-2018)
PACE Academy of Excellence (2016-2019)
Reuther Middle School (2016-2019)
Rochester Adams High School (2016-2019)
Rochester High School (2015-2018)
Schroeder Elementarcy School (2016-2019)
Smith Middle School (2016-2019)
Southfield Christian School (2015-2018)
Stoney Creek High School (2016-2019)
Troy High School (2016-2019)
Troy Union Elementary School (2016-2019)
University Hills Elementary School (2016-2019)
Van Hoosen Middle School (2016-2019)
Wass Elementary School (2016-2019)
Wattles Elementary School (2016-2019)
West Middle School (2016-2019)

Ogemaw County
Ogemaw Heights High School (2016-2019)
Rose City K-6 (2016-2019)
Surline Elementary (2016-2019)
Surline Middle School (2016-2019)

Ottawa County
Allendale High School (2015-2018)
Allendale Middle School (2016-2019)
Coopersville High School (2014-2017)
Evergreen/Springview Elementary (2016-2019)
Holland High School (2015-2018)
Oakwood Intermediate School (2016-2019)
Woodside Elementary School (2015-2018)

Roscommon County
Houghton Lake High School (2015-2018)

Saginaw County
Arrowwood Elementary School (2015-2018)
Hemmeter Elementary School (2015-2018)
Heritage High School (2015-2018)
Mackinaw High School (2015-2018)
Saginaw ISD Transitions Center (2016-2019)
Sherwood Elementary School (2015-2018)
Weiss Elementary School (2015-2018)
Westdale Elementary (2015-2018)
White Pine Middle School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)

Shiawassee County
Corunna High School (2015-2018)

St. Joseph County
Grace Lutheran Church & School (2016-2019)
Sturgis High School (2015-2018)

Tuscola County
Cass City Elementary (2013-2016) (2016-2019)
Cass City Jr./Sr. High School (2013-2016) (2016-2019)

VanBuren County
Bangor Career Academy (2014-2017)
Bangor Middle and High School (2014-2017)
Bangor South Walnut Elementary School (2014-2017)
Baseline Middle School (2014-2017)
Bloomingdale Elementary School (2014-2017)
Bloomingdale Middle and High School (2014-2017)
Cedar Street Community and Family Center (2014-2017)
Covert Public Schools (2014-2017)
Decatur Davis Elementary School (2014-2017)
Decatur Middle and High School (2014-2017)
Gobles Elementary School (2014-2017)
Gobles Middle and High School (2014-2017)
Hartford High School (2014-2017)
Hartford Middle School (2014-2017)
Hartford Red Arrow Elementary School (2014-2017)
Lawrence Elementary School (2014-2017)
Lawrence Middle and High School (2014-2017)
Lawton Accelerated Academic Center (2014-2017)
Lawton Elementary School (2014-2017)
Lawton High School (2014-2017)
Lawton Middle School (2014-2017)
L.C. Mohr High School (2014-2017)
Lincoln Elementary School (2014-2017)
Maple Grove Elementary School (2014-2017)
Mattawan Early Elementary School (2014-2017)
Mattawan Later Elementary School (2014-2017)
Mattawan High School (2014-2017)
Mattawan Middle School (2014-2017)
North Shore Elementary School (2014-2017)
Paw Paw Early Elementary School (2014-2017)
Paw Paw Later Elementary School (2014-2017)
Paw Paw High School (2014-2017)
Paw Paw Middle School (2014-2017)
VanBuren Conference Center (2014-2017)
Wood School (2014-2017)
Woodside Elementary School (2014-2017)
Van Buren ISD Behavioral Education Center (2013-2016)
Van Buren ISD- Bert Goens Learning Center (2013-2016)
Van Buren Technology Center (2013-2016)

Washtenaw County
Father Gabriel Richard High School (2015-2018)
Greenhills School (2015-2018)
Harvest Elementary School (2014-2017)
Heritage Elementary School (2014-2017)
Huron High School (2015-2018)
Liberty School (2014-2017)
Luther C. Klager Elementary (2015-2018)
Manchester Middle School (2015-2018)
Manchester High School (2015-2018)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School (2016-2019)
Pioneer High School (2015-2018)
Pleasant Ridge Elementary School (2014-2017)
Saline Middle School (2014-2017)
Saline High School (2014-2017)
Skyline High School (2015-2018)
Woodland Meadows Elementary School (2014-2017)

Wayne County
Allen Park High School (2015-2018)
Bennie Elementary School (2016-2019)
Blair Moody Elementary (2015-2018)
Creative Montessori Academy (2015-2018)
Dove Academy of Detroit (2015-2018)
Dr. Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine (2016-2019)
Eureka Heights (2015-2018)
Harper Woods Secondary School (2016-2019)
Harry S. Truman High School (2015-2018)
Hoover Middle School (2015-2018)
John F. Kennedy High School (2015-2018)
Kinyon Elementary (2015-2018)
Lincoln Park High School (2016-2019)
Myers Elementary School (2015-2018)
Plymouth Christian Academy (2016-2019)
Taylor Parks Elementary (2015-2018)
Thurston High School (2015-2018)
University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy (2015-2018)
West Middle School (2015-2018)



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